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undefined wrong texture

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Hi guys,


i have some wrong texture and it appears about some trees. I dont know how to delete this wrong texture and tried already to restore scenery files, and scenery world files but nothing happens.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advice,





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If using fs9 models in fsx some don't work right. often trees.

had a few fs9 airports with trees like that. I found the oblect libraries te trees were in. (conviniently had the word tree in the name), and disabled those. No more such trees as result.


object libraries are .bgl files.

could have been part of an airport you installed.

probably onlyy affects one or a few airports.


In my case the airports were from MAIW.

the trees appeared on most of these. The same object library was used by the creators.

I disabled te object library and no more issue.

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I do not think those are trees, I think those are street lights.


Do you have any Orbx products installed?


Are you running FSX in DX10 Preview Mode?



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