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Recruiting Cargo & P-8 Pilots


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The USNVA (United States Navy Virtual Aviation) is looking for a few good men(or Women) to suppliment our support Sq.VR-55. We use FSX:ACC... not steam or P3D and have our own servers(3) which are Tacpac enabled.

looking to recruit pilots for cargo mission with that squadron. Most of our pilots fly the VRS F-18 Super Bug but we also do cargo hops for support. We also have the boeing P-8 with camera equiped to do recon missions for our attack squadrons.

We also use game vox for our voice comms and if interested pm me with your info or viusit us at http://www.usnva.com for more information



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Just an update on what Mike posted. We fly on JoinFS. Even though it looks like Peter pulled the plug on further development, we will continue using the latest version. This means that we can support FSX/FSX SE and P3D. We are still looking for a few good men and women to fly the big beasts.
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