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Help Please Help needed b747+md11 all in one


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Dear simmers I have a problem .


Member of flightsim.com since fs98 times and developed myself for repainting and also building my own panels .

Able to edit securely air files ..

now .. i want my own plane which is not exist can be just looking only is acceptable too.

I want a 747 (specially posky v4 747s) but also engine on its tail ! an engine of MD11 it can be bmp only non functional or will be very appreciated if properly functioning engine installation is available ...? regarding the panel i will adjust it somehow

to work is that possible to add 5th engine on its tail the tail engine of the md11 ? ? will you please help me ?

am i mad ?



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Adding the 5th engine to the visual model would have to be done by the model creator.


It is not something that can be added to a compiled .mdl file.


If you want it added to a Posky model, Posky would have to do it.


Even if you get someone to do it for you, it would be purely cosmetic as the sim has a 4 engine limit, so it would not be functional.


Realistically, I doubt you will get anyone to do it for you.



the Bean

WWOD---What Would Opa Do? Farewell, my freind (sp)


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