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Hi Everyone,


I've been developing a Virtual Airline Manager for a while for the main purpose of putting my idea into action, and it is now ready for users and almost ready for flights!


As you'll know from the title, my idea is called "Virtual Aviation Community". It is where instead of users and myself being limited to one very specific airline, the community can have as many airlines as they wish! (Within reason)


At the moment, I have only a Royal Australian Air Force VA ready, but once I have set up the rest of the code for flights, I will be able to easily add more airlines upon request of members! I plan on having the creation of airlines controlled by me, to ensure that airlines don't duplicate, and that users that want a specific airline can be in the same airline without splitting work-load for two duplicate airlines!


Anyway, heres the link: http://yoieyo.com/p/vacommunity/


You can register using the button in the top right corner, and then log in to previously-created accounts using the same area, you can then go to the "Virtual Airline" section to register for the current VA (I'll add multiple sign ups for the other VAs in the future). Once you've joined, I'll go through and put you into a training squadron, we'll have flying operations ready soon, so we can start training those who need assistance, and passing those who already have lots of experience!


Please note that this is all in "Beta" at the moment, as I have been slaving away for the past few days to set this up both admin-side and user-side, so I appreciate your patience in the time that I'm finalising and developing this all.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, I'll have a message system set up on the User Dashboard eventually so that everyone who has signed up to the site (Not just members that are in the VA) can communicate with others, as well as staff and myself.

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