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Can't undock panels


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When I undock a panel (GPS, Radio, etc) it places a black shape where the panel was and redraws a flickering image in a different location. See image. The image in the upper left hand corner is flickering constantly.




Any ideas?

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Issue: Flight Simulator X - Flickering/Black square when undocking a panel (GSP, radio, etc)


• All configurations performed with a single monitor unless noted otherwise


Windows 10 installation

• No video card; utilize only integrated card


Steam installation

• Restore FSX (from backup)

â—‹ FSX Works correctly

Installed (plugged in) Saitek X52 Pro

• FSX Works correctly w/ HOTAS

Install XFX Radeon R7 260x Ghost

• Windows will automatically update the driver (using a native install)

â—‹ FSX fails to work correctly

• Rollback to Windows native driver

â—‹ FSX fails to work properly

• Install Radeon driver; utilizing 'auto find' software from site

â—‹ FSX fails to work properly






Within FSX >Settings>Customize, ensure 'anti-aliasing' is selected


Tested with all monitors (3) and confirmed proper functionality

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