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Hi all :)


Introducing my new project for X-Plane 10.51 / X-Plane 11. It is the Aeropro Eurofox LSA.

It is going to be my initial (new) release for 2017, expected to be ready during January 2017.


If interested, you are invited to keep tracks of this project in here (current post), and, of course in the VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX project page in my website.


Here are couple of (low-res) screenshots from the development phase:


vskylabs eurofox intro cockpit v02 xp11.jpg


vskylabs eurofox intro xp11 003 1024.jpg

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January 5th 2017:

Step by step...creating and adding bolts and rivets...rods and pivots...creating and tying up together all the elements into an Aeropro EuroFOX virtual kit...This is the most exciting process, bringing the design to life!


The current method is to collect and inspect as many as relevant exterior and interior photos of the aircraft and its variants, including videos on YouTube, and then to replicate as many details as I can. There are many design decisions to be made, including the final color scheme etc.


Another issue is the great number of existing cockpit layouts...The VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX initial release cockpit layout was derived from the EuroFOX Aviation Type Approved Microlight Pilot Operating Handbook, as well as from various cockpit layouts that I've found good.


...My idea is to get in as many details as my 3D modeling skills will allow me. I have to admit that working on this project improved my 3D skills and thinking exponentially...I'm starting to feel like Lucy :wink: (Luc Besson's film...).


You can follow the project directly in the VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX aircraft page:



Here are a couple of updated **UNDER DEVELOPMENT** screenshots, showing some more details:


vskylabs eurofox intro 03 800.jpg

vskylabs eurofox intro 04 800.jpg

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