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Lux Airways Is Now Open


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On behalf of the staff here at Lux Airways, Let me Chief Operations Officer Collin Woody be the first to welcome you to your destination Flylux.org]! Here at Lux Virtual Airways we strive to replicate the operations of a U.S. based legacy carrier with bases in Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Memphis, and Washington Dulles. We take pride in the accuracy of our operations while ensuring an enjoyable and friendly environment for flight simmers of all ages.


Lux management is dedicated to providing a friendly, educational, and realistic environment for pilots of all ages. With a majority of staff involved in real wold aviation activities on a daily basis for work, school, and internships, we are sure to bring the resources for an enjoyable stay here at Lux Airways. We look forward to seeing you in our skies.




Collin Woody




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