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Ifly 747 V2 performance


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I recently purchased the IFly 747-400 for FSX:SE, and I'm finding the performance to be horrendous.


Before I continue, my system is :



Windows 7 64 bit

8GB Ram

Intel I5 3330 Processor

GTX 850 Graphics Card

FSX settings are all modest, with traffic never higher than 50% but rarely do I exceed 20% at large airporpts


I initially loaded up the a/c at UK2000 Heathrow to have a play around with it and check if everything does what it should. 5 minutes in I got an OOM. 5 minutes sat on a runway at EGLL.

I tried again, this time loading up at Fly Tampa EHAM. After about 5 minutes, I moved to Manchester (UK2000) and I got OOM number 2 after about 10 minutes in game.


I am used to being able to fly the PMDG 737 from EHAM to EGLL, taxiing to the Polderbaan runway (20 minutes on the ground at a detailed airport), fly over photo scenery and then ORBX England, landing at Heathow and using GSX at the gate just fine.


Any help as to why the VAS usage appears so dreadful with the IFly would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a higher spec system then yours and its the same..very frustrating and ifly are really no help and basically deny they have an issue..the way i resolved it is by making sure you dont run textures above 2096 preference 1048.. make sure your auto gen is set to normal and avoid using big airport scenery like flytampa ect..also if you are running Tex have your cloud textures low. Trust me i fel your frustration especially when I can run PMDG planes without going to extremes..and speaking of PMDG their 747 will be out soon..i always run Procep when using ifly 747 to make sure i have atleast 800 - 1gb after take off i usually land at my destination with approximately 200mb to spare.


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The iFly 747 v2 is a known performance hog.


As far as my experience goes, the following is a list of aircraft from best performance to worst performance:


Default aircraft

Carenado "Proline 21" airplanes (Cessna CJ2, Hawker 800XP, etc.)

QW BAe 146

Aerosoft Airbus X

PMDG Boeing 737NGX

Carenado Phenom 100

PMDG Boeing 777

iFly Boeing 747-400 v2

TFDi Boeing 717


TseTse i5-9600K @ 3.7~4.5GHz | RTX2060 Super 8GB | 32GB DDR4-3200 | 1TB Samsung 840EVO | Z390 Chipset | Windows 10 x64

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