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askcaptainscott's Cessna 172


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Hi everyone. I'm Scott. A 777 Captain that shoots flight training video. I'm looking for help designing the paint scheme branded with the askcaptainscott logo. I have zero talent when it comes to visualizing a custom paint job for my plane. I start shooting the complete flight training series in March and am having the plane wrapped in a new cool custom paint job. If you have any interest in working with me I'd be more than happy to contribute a few coins to your bank account. There's a lot of creative talent here and I certainly appreciate and admire the work you do. I've been offered a spot on a tv show with Patty Wagstaff which is supposed to start shooting soon. The producer is waiting for final approval so this hopefully happens. It would be really, really cool to see your creativity branded my plane. Anyhow if you have any interest please pm me here or on my youtube channel. I will put your name on the plane in appreciation of your talent. It wont be big but it will be there.


Thanks for your time



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