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Scenery Areas


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Yep, create an empty folder.

For example fodlername: XXX (can be any name)

Create two empty folders inside. Name one "scenery". Name the other "texture"


Open one of the 9 folders you have.

Inside it will be a folder called "scenery"

Open it and copy all files that are inside it to folder XXX/scenery.


Inside will also be a folder /texture.

Open it and copy all files that are inside it to folder XXX/texture.


Do the same with folder 2, 3, 4, etc.


hen move or copy folder /XXX

to /Addon Scenery/


And activate XXX instead of allthe 9 separate ones.






Problem could be duplicate filenames.

If the filenames in ../Folder 1/Scenery

are the same as filenames in ../Folder 2/scenery


Then putting those files together won't work. Same filename.


But, same filename could mean same file.

(for example, a .bgl file can be an object library. Installing the objects just once is plenty.)


If the files are not the same it could be a problem.

Airport .bgl files can simply be renamed, and still work the same. (Don't pin me down on that, not sure, but I did it plenty times in FSX without ill effects.)


Object library's, not so sure if you should rename those.

If two are different, it is likely that one is an updated version, with the same objects as the other one, but also a few extra objects.


Can't really advise on those.



Texture files with the same filename, again, try to judge whether they are the same.

In case you do find duplicate names.. Renaming texture files won't work.

The object looks for the texture under that filename.



If that gets complex I would just not bother, and install as 9 folders. It's a lot less trouble.:)

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