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TDS 737-800 2d flight panel


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I am looking for a TDS 737-800 2d panel. I did found one here https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=184439 which is nice panel but it has the window shield which I do not want. I tried to change it via FS Panel Studio after I change the main_day.bmp (after I made a backup of the original) where I deleted the windshield but some CAB files cannot be picked up by FS Panel Studio so I went to the FSX Gauge folder and copied some CAB file to the TDS 737-800 panel folder to see if FS Panel Studio will picked it up but it didn't. Still get error message in FA Panel Studio "No Bimtmap find for GaugeXX. I attach .jpg after layout change has been done


The CAB files FS Panel Studio is looking for are

No Bimtmap find for Gauge32, File B777cj!MFD

No Bimtmap find for Gauge81, File A32X!A_Callout

No Bimtmap find for Gauge88, File Pky_Autobrake_KW737!Pky_AutoBrake


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