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Basically I am pretty happy with my system and FSX performance. I m running a 4820k at 4.4 and a Titan X on a 40 inch 1080 HD TV. I have everything maxed out on the sliders except Autogen at very dense and water at 2x low. I have traffic at around 20 except for highway at 10. I m running UTX and GEX but traffic is disabled. Only add-ons are ASN and REX clouds at 2048. So the purpose of this post is that as I fly along inlets say PMDG 737 I see these occasional stumbles I guess I'd call them where the sim seems to pause for seemingly less than a second. I notice it more if I look out the window. They are not frequent and seem to be minutes or more between. The simple is smooth as silk otherwise. Anyone have an idea why this Happens? Thanks


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