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New and more confused than ever...


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Okay, I initially 'messed' flight simulation about 7 years ago when I stumbled across Flightgear. Didn't have much time to commit it and after a few months I stopped flying. I never really learned to properly fly, simply taking off and landing, but never understanding the technical side and really enjoying the simulation.


I would like to actual learn to fly (in simulation) and perform the proper technical steps, take off, landings, ILS, utilzing ATC, etc. That said I started looking around for what simulator I should learn with. To my surprise flightgear is still out there and looks like a fairly current release. I am looking for something that will have a large support base and loads of information to keep my learning curve up to sped.


As I continued to research I was shocked to find out that FSX isn't a current build. Shocked to hear they stopped development years ago.


So my question is, how on earth do I determine which simulator I should start with. I have loaded FlightGear again, however the information is quite dated and I am not sure there is any type of 'flight school' add on available. I noticed that another simulator, X-Plane, has a type of flight school add on - is this something that would walk me through the training to teach me to fly within a simulator?


I am hoping to avoid A vs B, but rather looking for insight to which would provide what I am looking for - something that offers a newbie a learning path to flying, using the equipment properly. At this point I simply want to fly a single engine prop (slowly) and casually to get the basic down.


Any insight appreciated.




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