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AI Traffic Problem


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Hi there, I have a problem with an AI plane in FS2004. I use Traffic View Board, and I start FS2004 when the plane is 10 minutes out sometimes more, before it is due to arrive at Frankfurt Airport (EDDF), It is from a WOAI package. An SAS Airlines Boeing 737-600 coming form Oslo Airport (Gardemoen) I am able to view the plane for a while, which I usually do from the outside of the Plane for the flight, but after a while the Plane disappears and I start falling towards the ground. And when I check the Traffic View Board, from another AI plane the AI Aircraft is no longer listed for some strange reason. Yet when I have gone to Frankfurt Airport at a later time on othe occasions, and viewed AI Aircraft on the ground, the Aircraft is parked up. Also when I go to an Airport, AI Aircraft can often only start pushing back a minute or so, after I am at the Airport. say the plane is due to depart at 12:00 and I start FS2004 at the Airport at 12:20 the AI Aircraft is often still parked up and showing boarding on the Traffic View Board and starts pushing back a minute or two later. I have to start FS2004 about 5 or so minutes before the departure time for it to depart at around the correct time ? What could be causing the 2 problems I suspect the latter may be normal for the FS2004 AI Engine, but what could be causing the first problem ? I have checked the Flightplan and nothing seems wrong with the inputted Data and have reinstalled the WOAI package and the problem remains. Any help and info someone could give me would be much appreciated. Eddie
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Sometimes TVB can act funny but are you mouse clicking on the aircraft in the tvb list first then selecting the right hand side arrow to get more details then clicking on the green button on the bottom either to just view or view and listen to ATC?


Also if you start the sim and go direct to an aircraft sometimes other ai act funny, they need time to settle down, you sometimes see and aircraft at 30.000ft on approach then suddenly dive to the airport, that is because the ai haven't settled.


Some people start the sim and leave it running a while before looking at any ai because of this.

If you are not planning on following the ai the full journey try 'Traffic Tools' instead, that lets you follow but after a while it will divert you back to base again.

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Hi ColR1948, Yes I do what you say in your 1st paragraph, when running the program. Is that the wrong method of viewing the AI Traffic in Traffic View Board ? Also how long shall I leave FS2004 running, before I view AI Traffic ? Many thanks for your reply to this thread. Eddie
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Well it depends on how much ai you have installed, but I've read posts where simmers have started the sim then gone and made a coffee then returned.

I had a problem with VFR flights, as the ai aircraft turned to a final approach it kept flying and not landing.

Then someone told me to not view it with TVB but Traffic Tools and that cured it, at least in my case any way.

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Traffic Toolbox is a component of the FS9 SDK available on the AVSIM library.


which Microsoft authorized AVSIM to offer it after MS pulled it off their download site


With Traffic Toolbox installed in the FS9 menu you'll find Traffic Explorer in a dropdown.


To check and modify flight plans and associated aircraft try this utility in the FS9 etc. library here on flightsim.com. It is complex but very useful as a checker and modifier.


FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc.

FS2004/FSX AI Flight Planner Version 2

[ Download | View ]


Name: aifp2121.zip

Size: 1,648,936 Date: 08-19-2011 Downloads: 10,106


Later versions that also work with FSX are on the author's site.


If you install FSUIPC3 (free for using it with this utility)

http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ installing the full version and then traffic look from:

http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs/ (also free)


it will give a similar table that runs as a separate application in its own window showing ai aircraft status and location in tabular format around where you are parked in FS9.

KMSP - Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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How ironic! Many years ago I wondered if it was possible to get other aircraft to fly as ai like the default ones in the sim, so I asked on the forum.

Guess who replied and told me how to do it?

The guy above 'ronzie' he explained what and how, so the first AC I tried was a C-130, did as ronzie told me then came the moment of truth, would it work?

Wow! Yes, there it was a C-130 on approach and I watched it land, that was it after that, I was addicted to ai.


So I'll say it again to him which I've said before, "Thanks Mate, you changed my sim forever."

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Hi ronzie, Many thanks for your advice and Information, it's much appreciated. I have downloaded and tried the program Traffic Look, and I allready have a version of AI Flight Planner. It took me a while to get to grips with it, but once mastered it is fairly straightforward to use. I have TrafficToolbox aswell, and FSUIPC V 3.999z9b allready installed. Eddie
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