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Message about available memory


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Hi everyone,


I have a little problem here, now and then(not very often!) I get a message from the computer like this:


"your computer has run out of available memory, please restart FS and select diferent graphics, scenery of traffic settings"


I have a systen like this:


Intel Core i7 5820K 4.0 Ghz processor, Coolmaster Hyper 103,Nvidia Geforce GTX980-4GB 500GB HDD 2x8GB DD4 DVDRW X99 Extreme 4, 480 GB Kingston SATAIII V300 SSD, Corsair CX850 watt semimodulaire voeding.

Windows 7 64bit.

Microsoft FSX SP1 and SP2


As you see, I have a 16 GB DDR4 memory(2X 8GB) is this sufficient to make my Simulator(FSX SP1 and 2, Windows 7 64bits) work without problems?, I think so, but maybe I'm wrong.

I wil like to hear from you guys about this issue! and I must add, I'm not really a genius in computers, I'm more a pilot than IT expert!





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That message is a little bit misleading. Your computer hasn't run out of memory - the FSX process has run out of memory.


Being a 32bit application, FSX can only use 4 GByte of the virtual address space (= your 16 Byte RAM basically). And these 4 GByte have been filled up with textures, models, code etc.etc. Only way around this is, to have less content in the sim or to lower your settings to make the memory footprint smaller.


As il88pp wrote: search for "FSX OOM" "FSX out of memory" or "FSX VAS" and you will find a myriad of posts and topics about this. With the advent of the high quality addons the memory footprint of FSX has been constantly growing, until it finally spilled over.

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