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have 1 triplehead2go for sale $130 include shipping in USA



2 dualhead2go. $45 each include shipping in USA


i started to disassemble my sim , good to starters

1 mip 737 I don't use anymore with switches installed opencockpits flap gauge, brake gauge home made

opencockpits board for servos included

homemade landing gear, 2 adfs home made with laser and cnc machines (no legends) included with the mip

$250 plis shipping


homemade glare with fds first gen glare wings and document holder on top

fds first gen master caution switch and fire warning switches

$130 plus shipping



1 pedestal metal $380 plus shipping


have the base and mip wood piece $150 extra but will have to be picked up here at my location since is very heavy.


have another set of master caution and fire warning buhttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161214/21fff5f97546f8e3373d9c5bb7d11ba1.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20161214/c481e95908713cd22729648980112eaf.jpg

but smaller version new $40 both sets, include shipping in USA


1 cpflight board $150 shipping included in USA










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