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FS9 to Windows 10


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Dear all,

Is it possible to run FS9 in Windows 10 without problems?

Kind regards

Bo Hildebranner


Yes, if you follow the posts that explain what to do. It will take you about 5 seconds to enter the modern OS world.

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Hi Bo,


Yes it is possible to run in W10 without problems - but there are a number of well known (and easy to fix) issues that you need to be aware of. Once the issues are understood and the appropriate fix apllied, it is possible to run the sim with no problems whatsoever.


Do an advanced search of the forums using either of the following phrases (or variations of) will give you a number of threads to read regarding the issues and fixes.................


FS9 + Win 10

FS9 and Win 10

FS2004 + Win 10

FS2004 and Win 10




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Bohi, there are lots of threads on this subject on this site, but yes I found it no problem as I already had FS9 loaded when I upgraded to W10, although one has to be aware that W10 opens FS9 in Full screen mode initially giving one a black screen, just select ALT+ENTER to revert to windowed mode & you should be away...

Good luck

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