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Sound of 737NG Engines

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Hello everyone,

I don't know if I'm crazy, so I guess I'm here to find out. When 737NGs' engines start to spool up to get the aircraft moving, when I sit behind the wings, I always hear a rushing wind sound before it dies down and hear the engines spool up. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, what is it and why? Thanks in advance for a reply.

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The engine is effectively discharging compressed air.


Very basic description; but when an engine is "spooled up" it compresses more air than is required at that particular point (this requirement is constantly changing as the engine accelerates). If the extra air was allowed to flow through the engine core as normal, it can stall the engine (effectively chocking it) and can cause issues. So the extra compressed air is quite literally discharged overboard so as not to cause these issues.


Every turbine engine can do this in one way or another. Some are very complex arrangements, while others are quite simple.



Embraer E190 Driver

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