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Uncommanded bank angles


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So I'm writing to describe an anomaly which I have seen twice now. I'm on final into BOS 22L with light winds at 210, VMC conditions. I'm flying a IFLY 737 NG on the approach on AP/AT, have intercepted localizer and GS, configured for landing and slowing for Vref+5. At about 2 miles out I disconnect the AT, stabilize the thrust, and disconnect the AP. Heard the claxon, checked the light out, and began to hand fly the short final. Just as I cross the fence the aircraft banks to the left without control input, then banks to the right again. Rather than do a go-around I loaded the approach flight and flew it again with no problem. I always save flights at various points along the way for anomalies like this.


I'm using ASE for weather and have a registered FSUIPC with all weather turned off.


Anyone ever see anything like this?

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