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Active sky now working with Win10


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Recently I ran win7 and active sky worked perfectly. I bought it on steam so it is not stand alone. Now I run Win10. On steam ASN is claimed to be installed. There is no shortcut anywhere in Win10 to start it. I've looked everywhere. In Fsx-se weather settings ASN weather profile is also gone. I uninstalled ASN through steam and reinstalled it. Made no difference.

I'm talking to ASN support but for now no solution.

I think I've got the latest ASN version - I bought it few months ago.

Is ASN fully compatible with Win10? Or is it me? If anyone has a solution I'd be grateful.


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I have ASN, ASAC and Win 10. I didn't get these thru steam, but to find the ASN within steam, you need to follow

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

That should point you to the app and then you should be able to find the icon and copy it to your desktop.


Hope this helps, happy :pilot: flyin...ad

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