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Finally off the Ground


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I am new to flight simulation. Actually, I have had a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 since probably 2000. It was the perfect gift because I have had a life-long interest in aviation. The only problem was that I did not have time to use it. I set it up, played with it a little, but soon it ended up on the storage rack in the basement. Recently, I came across it and thought that now that I am semiretired, I would have time to use it. I could not get the software to work on my current computers so I retrieved one of my old XP computers from the garage. That solved half the problem, and after way too much effort, I gave up on the Sidewinder joy stick and purchased a Thrustmaster.


I have worked through the tutorial on the 182 that came with the simulator software, but still need a lot of work to become proficient. My plans are to greatly upgrade in future after I know enough to make good decisions on what to buy, but right now, I am happy with what I have. Many real pilots are flying equipment that is a lot older.


I only have one manual, and it only covers the basics. I don’t know if that’s all there is, or if I have lost other information. With winter coming to Minnesota, I will have more time and want to do more flying. I know that the software has lots of airports and other flights, but I have no information on how to go beyond where I am now. Is there any documentation or other information on planning flights between airports and more about engine management, etc?



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