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Why ? AI Aircraft Parking Issues - Airport Design Editor


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I'm fairly new to designing AFCAD with Airport Design Editor and things have gone more or less smoothly, but I have noticed that not a single GA AI aircraft seem to park at medium sized (14 meter radius) parking spots. They all seem to hog small sized (10 meter radius) parking spot while leaving medium sized parking spots utterly empty.


Is there a fix for this in Airport Design Editor ?


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Are the bigger spots classified as "parking" or "gates"? If they're gates, then it makes sense that all the GA airplanes are defaulting to taking up all the smaller parking spots.


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AI park in the smallest spot available, that is large enough to accept them.


That is how FS works.


The only time they would park in the larger spots would be when the smaller spots are all full.


If you want them to use those larger spots you could resize them. The obvious downside to that is you would reduce the number of available spots for larger planes, though that does not seem to be a problem for you, if those spots are now always empty.



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