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How to use REAL B8A jet grip as joystick


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Hello all -

I have an authentic B8A (MC2) grip stick from a T-38 that I would like to build into my joystick to sim with. I can't find any other article dealing with this here. Can someone please point me to any guidance that may already exist here in the forums? I do not as of yet have the connector (17 pin) that goes with the grip as I do not know the part number for it. I believe Mouser has such a thing once I find out which one I need. I have the wiring pinout schematic but I am not sure how one begins to go about creating a new joystick using the B8A's actual switches. I would imagine it would require some sort of integration into another donor joystick but I need details! I also want to attach it to a longer stick mounted on the floor of a simpit much like a real aircraft, but I fear it will be much too heavy to let the donor joystick base and springs to function. Anybody know of how to go about this? Thanks!

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