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Updating Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Flight Simulator X


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You might have to turn off UAC and/or do some trickery to get the FSX installation directory to be read/write for some addons and addon installers, if you've installed FSX in the default location, but that's the same in Windows 7 AFAIK.


Other than that, it works just fine, apart from crashiness with old (FS2004 and older) gauges and modules, but again that's probably similar to what you'd get in Windows 7.

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Welcome to the forums. As the others have said FSX will happily run under W10. Whilst there are some issues that maybe encountered, they have become well known and the fixes are easy. I suggest that you do a search of the forums here (using FSX + Win10 as a search string) - this should bring up a number of threads that will give info on the known issues and their fixes.


The only real FSX/FS2004 related problem that I have encountered (following upgrading both of my rigs and helping a number of friends with their upgrades), is that some older DVD/CD based addon products will not install. From experience, this seems to affect products produced prior to late 2009/early 2010. This is related to the fact that MS removed a utility called SECDRV (an anti-piracy tool) from W10 due to security concerns and with any disc that used this tool the OS will not allow the installer to run.




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