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A bit to the game, but with a lot of passion


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Hello to all :)


after a silence long enough, "I knock again" the portal with this topic to inform (this time do not talk about scenery), of a little work that I hope may be of interest to some other flight enthusiasts, although it has been done something similar before.

It's just planning a world tour in 50 sections, which I made (with some difficulty) and I'd like to share with other simmers. Although flights I made are not professional, I have to say I'm "crash-fallen" very few times (mainly with "special" aircrafts).

I will not go further, but only with a link to the presentation.


Trusting to read someone interested and postponing the next hints to small videos made for all flights


I greet all wishing

good flight!

;) Aldo

(Sorry for the imperfect language)

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A few years ago I created a "World Capitals Tour" which visited the capital city of every sovereign nation; the path did not backtrack or cross itself, cumulative straight line distance was 99000nm though, oddly, this was not an around-the-world flight (you looped through the Pacific Ocean but did not cross it). Individual legs varied from 40nm to 1600nm, my "rules" were that the entire flight be flown in the same aircraft and you could only land in the capital cities (a refueling exception was made for the longest leg, if necessary; though this only reduced it by 300nm). The worst part of the flight, for me, was in the south Pacific, where three consecutive legs are approximately 1000nm each with nothing but ocean for hours and hours and hours.


In the process I learned some interesting trivia:

- four countries have no airports (they do have heliports)

- one country has no airport in its capital (the nearest is forty miles away)

- three countries have more than one capital city

- one country has no capital city

- one airport is huge - 11000ft runways - but has no fuel

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A few years ago I created a "World Capitals Tour" which visited the capital city of every sovereign nation ...

Very nice, Graham

I'd like to try the same experience. If you have it again, it is possible to have the PLNs of your tracks and the used aircraft?

Many thanks in advance


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I have seen a few threads on this subject in the past, there are so many different ways/routes to take.

I saw one where the flyer went round troubled war torn hot spots thus prolonging his flight.

Wasn't there a guy not too long ago in real life flew solo round the world trip in a light aircraft, I think the route he took is online somewhere?

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I would be fascinated to see how you crossed the South Pacific, capital city to capital city, including only three legs of "only" ~1000nm each. Note that I am not doubting you. I am just fascinated how you did it.


Lol, approximations based on memory of of this project from early 2007 (I can remember my phone number from 35 years ago but not the new one i got a year ago).


I found the early maps and itinerary on my old XP system (a newer version, with slightly improved routes and more documentation, remains buried on a CD somewhere)


Port-Vila to Canberra - 1468 miles

Canberra to Wellington - 1253 miles

Wellington to Nuku'alofa - 1308 miles


there's also

Majuro to Palikir - 777 miles

Palikir to Koror - 1409 miles

Koror to Manila - 905 miles


Jakarta to Bandar Seri Begawan - 829 miles

Bandar Seri Begawan to Dili - 1028 miles

Dili to Port Moresby - 1287 miles


My recollection of the longest leg was way off - Brasilia to Praia is 2347 miles. Hence the decision to allow a fueling stop if necessary at a coastal airport, this cuts several hundred miles off the total, leaving you with a non-stop flight across the south Atlantic from Brazil to Praia (or vice versa, you can start in any city and fly either direction).


Pardon the quality of this map, covering the Asia-Pacific section of the flight, by the time I scaled it so flightsim would accept it this is what was left.




Changes in the last version included:



Yangon-Bangkok-Vientiane-Hanoi-Phnom Penh-Kuala Lumpur



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Very nice, Graham

I'd like to try the same experience. If you have it again, it is possible to have the PLNs of your tracks and the used aircraft?

Many thanks in advance



We never included pln files, just the basic itinerary, maps, and rules. Initially this was to be a challenge flight, with timetables and fuel usage for different aircraft developed by good pilots (better than I) for each leg. You would then select an aircraft and be allotted a drawing account of virtual money, enough to cover landing fees and fuel for the entire flight, and the appropriate timetable; if you landed within a certain window of that ETA your fuel and landing fees would be waived, too early or late and you had to pay for them. Keep track of your entire journey, whoever finished with the most money remaining won bragging rights. You may start in any city and proceed in either direction; if you crash, have to backtrack to your last departure point, or land anywhere other than the next capital on the list, you lose and must start over. Any aircraft that is a realistic depiction of a real world aircraft, can carry at least two people plus luggage, and is capable of crossing the south Atlantic non-stop is eligible.


Obviously quite an undertaking, we lost interest before getting anywhere near that goal. But along the way many people flew the entire flight in numerous aircraft, and many more enjoyed parts of it (the Europe, Africa, and Central/South America sections make nice tours by themselves).


The best aircraft for the flight proved to be modern business jets, they have the speed and range to make the longest legs less tiring, all the modern navigation instruments, and their size and maneuverability means you'll have little trouble at the smaller airports. I've done the entire flight in, among others, a P-38M with ferry tanks (it carries two people and, arguably, room for baggage), a Cessna Citation X (Eaglesoft version; I think it took me as long to learn to fly this plane as it did to do this flight in it), and the MAAM DC-3 (with four-tank mod; even then coming into Praia I felt I was minutes from seeing how well that thing could glide).

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Port-Vila to Canberra - 1468 miles

Canberra to Wellington - 1253 miles

Wellington to Nuku'alofa - 1308 miles


They were the legs I was after. Very ingenious. The map as you posted served its purpose 100%. Thanx for taking the time to do all that.

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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Oh.... What about Africa?


I need to correct the Africa maps (there's one as part of the world tour and one as just an Africa tour) since several route changes were made.


Here is the old map for just the Africa Tour; the major change was around Brazzaville, instead of the 300 mile trip to Luanda hop across the river to Kinshasa (about ten miles) then to Luanda. This takes about 500 miles off the total tour and shortens the flight to Windhoek from nearly 1100 miles to about 900.




("Capafri" is the name of a scenery file for FS98 which was the inspiration for this entire project. Its creator noted that the continent had been slighted in FS98 so rectified the situation with a scenery adding the major airport in each capital (though not Madagascar or the smaller islands); I enjoyed this so much I created a tour flight to visit each ...and probably flew it dozens of times. When FS9 came along I recreated this, then decided to continue up to Europe, then it was just a short hop to the Middle East, might as well continue across Asia, at that point Australia and the Pacific are not too far. Can't stop now, add the Western Hemisphere ...and the World Capitals Tour was born.)


The itineraries are somewhat helpful; they list each city in turn, its airport code, and the distance (in miles and km) to the next city. But all I have are the printouts; I can either retype them (if you ever saw me type you'd know why that isn't my first choice), scan them in and hope they will be legible after reduction to something flightsim will accept, or get jodhpurs, knee boots, and a machete for an expedition into the hall closet after the aforementioned CD.


A note for all maps - not all airports are represented in FS9 so you will have to download some, mostly for the Pacific area but also a few elsewhere. All but one were available in '08; that one, for a tiny Pacific island, I made myself (a list of those airports is also on that CD, along with the airport I made).

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... planning a world tour in 50 sections ...


Following the above presentation, I inform you that the material is availabe in the Library :)

Comments (even critical, :cool: in moderation) are welcome.


Have a nice World Tour

;) Aldo

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I read of a few simmers doing Amelia Earhart's trip in an Electra, sadly a lot of them haven't been back to reply how they went on lol.




Acer Predator AG3620-UR308, 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7-3770 processor 3.4GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology up to 3.9GHz (8MB Cache), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 SC (2GB), 2 TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, 12GB DDR3 SDRAM, Windows 8

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Hi, here the today loading












Just to clarify ....

A few words relating to small videos prepared for each flight.

First of all, it should be emphasized the aim: to show the aircraft used, by type, livery and flight deck, as well as the target setting as visible (the videos are mainly limited to the approach/landing).

It does not claim to "show off flight technique"; the author, although big fan of flight simulation, does not have great skills as a pilot and has often found difficulties, so as to "crash-down" badly in some cases (even if limited, and "undocumented" ... for decency) ; exception landing in Venice (step 48) where in landing the ART72 has "scratched" in the queue ... giving off some smoke: since there are no consequences for passengers and crew, the movie has been kept up.

Another purpose, certainly not second in importance: to attract the attention of those unfamiliar with the world of flight and create their interest, although in virtual reality.

About the flights, the first one took place in early November 2016, with real-time weather from Jeppesen every 15'; subsequent flights were performed to follow, without interruption, if not to limit night-time departures.

In each video, you will be indicated the aircraft authors (model, livery and cockpit), as well as scenarios of add-on further to default Flight Simulator 2004.



;) Aldo

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Hi :)

After crossing Asia and touched Australia, the Tour continues across the Pacific ocean, then in America: first up to the north, to east, to west and then back down to the central-south America ...












25) https://youtu.be/vsnCD_dUbEk

26) https://youtu.be/iGR9LkmZ6iI

27) https://youtu.be/G4MeInVKUII

28) https://youtu.be/5RtNJ5N2OuE



;) Aldo


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... from central America we come down to the Andes, to the Pampas and Brazil; then we fly over the Atlantic Ocean with a stop in South Africa to go up to the islands east; cross back again central Africa to the west, then up to the northern zone, to go back east toward the pyramids and beyond the Arabian Peninsula; we leave Africa for Europe: route to the Aegean ...













39) https://youtu.be/KyRHD9WWpb4



;) Aldo

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Europe: shorter routes. From the Greek peninsula to the Iberia; then in french land and up to the British island, by then route to Scandinavia; so Netherlands, German Hesse, Switzerland till the return for Italy, in the Venetian lagoon; then the italian capital and Home, where we started, 50 flights ago (more than 63,000 miles and almost 150 hours of course ... virtual!)













50) https://youtu.be/x6-rHHgb5As


Taking the opportunity, I wish to send my best wishes for a Merry Christmas :D and a happy new year, better than the previous ones

;) Aldo

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