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Bought Flysimware's Ercoupe 415C


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During my flying days I always wanted an Ercoupe. No rudder pedals to deal with, can't spin, stall is a non-event and due to the engine being put in diagonally there is no tendency to turn to the left under full power.


I have never actually flown one, but I have been told they can be "interesting" in crosswinds. That barely describes the word on the sim since you can't side slip and crabbing is kind of tricky with no control of the rudders. My general tactic on landing is to get slow enough to slam on the landing gear and get that steerable nose wheel in the fray. Likewise, in a crosswind take off you want to keep that front wheel on the ground until you are ready to go up and away.


All in all, one of the most fun aircraft I have flown for low and slow, VFR IFR (I Follow Roads) sunday rides. UTX helps a lot due to making he roads more recognizable.


The plane had one minor glitch which they emailed me the instructions on how to fix inside of 24 hours. Great customer service.


Jeffery Sitz

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