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Building A home cockpit from NOTHING


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Hi, I'm going to try and build a home cockpit modeled off the 737. I'm on a very small budget. I am a carpenter and i work and build computer systems. im going to build the simulator, with out buying any prebuild part. I know, im crazy, but i want to build this, to prove you dont need to spend a lot of money buying prebuilt parts with out much effort.


i figured out the mechanical mechanisms such as the yoke and throttle(where i would place the poitentiometer), but i cant figure out how to interface any thing, could you please tell me esactly what i need, and what i need to do to interface every thing, such as the gauges , auto piolt, overhead panel, throttle e.t.c. please tell me every thing to the exact word i

have no clue where to start intefaceing.


Im on win 10 , i own FSX on steam, if it would be better if i switched windows or game please suggest it.

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