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Aerosoft twin otter repaint issue

Captain Vodka

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Ive done some repaints of tge 300 model but have just tried some 100 models using the Aerosoft repaint kit.



Im trying to create a repaint for my VA (SCAIR) on the twin otter EX. using the download repaint kit.


I want to use the 100 pax and 100 cargo model


in the paint kit the 100 pax is the Chilean AF skin and the 100 cargo model is the Norwegian AF skin.


The problem Im having is a ghosting text of the insignia of both of these aircraft. Im guessing the ghosting insignia, fuselage text , roundels and plane numbers are within the speculation PS/ dds file but not too sure. Have looked a lot!



possible within a reflection layer etc? or another etc?


ive gone through both the C & S dds files for both of these models turning off / erasing the text in the layer and even deleting certain layers which I think may be causing this issue


the image below hopefully shows this. The upper is using a green to highlight the ghosting text layer somewhere, the one below is just the default paint file for the 100 kit kit with the Chilean livery turned off


Can someone give me a lead on what layer/s are causing the ghosted text appearing. Im at a loss now after spending a day on this


any help much appreciated


twotter ghostinglr.jpg

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I don't have the Otter but there is a similar problem with the Aerosoft Busses in that the alpha layers contain certain layers that even after removing are still visible in the sim . This also applies to the specular layers and it's alpha layer ( A318 / 319 ) .

The solution is simple : Make a blank set of the alpha layers by activating them , Merge ( flatten - after removing any text , logo's etc ) and save as a bmp . When saving your texture to the sim , open with Mark Wright"s DXTBmp and add your new blank alpha layer using Import Alpha from the menu , making sure that the alpha is orientated the same as your texture ( flipped - or not ) . The same can be done with the specular layers ( if included ) . Even after more than 6 years of painting the Bus it still catches me out .


John Glanville

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Sorry John im not really following your instructions here can you explain a little more fuller here


I have the C.file open and can se the alpha channel.


am I removing my bespoke logos Ive added or any of the orginal paint kit? in this case the Norwegian airforce etc


sorry you've lost me ?

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Sorry for not replying sooner , suffering from a bout of flu and being able to think is a bit of a " problem " at the moment !

As I wrote in my first post I do not have the Otter but if the paint kit is laid out in the same manner as most others there is a group named REFLECTIONS which is the alpha layer . This applies to the normal textures ( your paint ) and the specular textures will also have such a group .

You don't mention which paint program you use but with PhotoShop by " switching on " this group you can see what is included . Simply remove any text logo's etc that don't belong and merge . Save this as a bmp using the same name but add _alpha . Use the same method with the specular textures .

When finished open your DDS textures in the sim with DXTBmp and use " Import Alpha " from the menu shown at the top , not forgetting to flip the alpha layer ( if needed ) .



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Again , I don't have this aircrat or paint kit , so have no idea of it's workings . I did mention that textures should be flipped BUT ONLY WHEN NEEDED .

Everyone assumes that DDS textures " always " have to be flipped but that is not always the case as the A320 / 321 ( for example ) from Aerosoft do not . In your previous screenshot the paint was okay so there was no need to change that .


The method I use ( others will have their ways ) is to create a " blank " set of the alpha layers of the fuselage and wings , not just the paint itself but also the specular texture sheets . After saving as DDS textures I then open these by using DXTBmp and import my blank alpha into each individual texture sheet .

The " ghost " images you are seeing are either from textures referred to from the texture.cfg and normally found in a base textures folder or any textures copied into the folder you created for your paint .



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