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WIP: Lorby Radar

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Hello @ll,


version 1.01 of the "Lorby Radar Screen" has been released.


The Lorby Radar Screen is a stand alone Windows app, that displays a real time radar screen on any Windows based device capable of running .Net 4.0. This can be your local PC or any other device on a network.


It comes with a data provider software that connects to your sim. Or you can use it as a replacement for the respective gauges in FireFighter X and AiTracker X.


You can assign custom pictures as backgrounds to the app, for example charts or maps (as shown in the screenshots below). Apart from using them as background, the app will geo reference those pictures to your current position in the sim, thus being able to use them as a simple moving map. To make finding the correct pictures easier, the app has a built-in download function for Google Static Maps.


The LorbyRadarScreen is available free of charge on the Lorby-SI website.


Here are a few screenshots of the app in action:






Oliver Binder


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