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ORBX Global + Vector + Trees + Airports


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I am new to ORBX. I have installed the Global, Vector, Trees and KCGX onto a laptop with multiple video cards and I have never been so in awe and addicted to flying as I have when running these in P3D.


Now, of course, this is the FSX forum. The question is, can I install the same sceneries into FSX ON A DIFFERENT COMPUTER AT THE SAME TIME (a multiple-computer install)? I know some sceneries CAN be. But, since I am new to ORBX, and imho, the best kept secret in flight-simming sceneries, I am quite ignorant. I don't mind the first purchase of ORBX Global, Vector, Trees, etc., but a second purchase of the same sceneries is simply not in my budget.


I, of course, went to their forum, but I didn't find what I was looking for in the "search". I also googled the question and got everything but what I was looking for.


Anyway, to those who haven't installed ORBX sceneries, all I can say is WOW! Once you get the initial base sceneries, a literal whole new world opens up.


Thanks for any guidance.


Note: if I can't install on two computers, one for FSX and one for P3D, it is NOT a game changer. FSX:standard (for me) is slowly taking a backseat... it's just the laptop right now is my wife's. I can't get a new desktop for a few more years. sigh... :)


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