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PC Simulators Virtual Journey Project


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We at http://www.pcsimulators.org have started up a website dedicated to PC simulation in early 2016. We hope to be a point of reference for all simulator related material.


We have embarked on a great project to for those users who like simulation games we have started a project to travel the world with various PC Simulators including FSX,X-Plane, P3D, Flightgear, Train Simulator 2017. MSTS, Open Rails, OpenBVE, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Ship Simulator, European Ship Simulator, World of Subways, OMSI, Fernbus, Aerofly FS2 and more. Along the way we will be reviewing various addons and DLCs for the simulators both free and payware as well as also looking at the simulators themselves.


You can view the various stages of the journey on our channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/itye/ and also on our website at http://www.pcsimulators.org



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