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Flight Simulator X real world weather works?


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I just got back into playing Flight Simulator X after a few years break. I live in NY and whenever I choose to take off from one of my local airports, the game shows the weather at the airport as sunny, but when I look outside, it is overcast with thunderstorms.


I was wondering if the real-world weather feature still working, or if it has been taken off the game. The "downloading real-world weather" loading screen still shows up whenever I'm starting up a flight from the main screen but the game's weather and the real world weather are rarely accurate.


If it's not working, are there any real world weather mods online that I can get for free. Please give a link to the download screen

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Try FSRealWX lite. It's free and much better than the default anyway. I've not used the default for about 3 years. IAN

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