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FS9 AI aircraft in FSX

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Hi Jorgen,


Yes you can use FS9 AI in FSX in DX9 mode - I have many of the MAIW packages and others from other authors installed and FSX runs with no problems. One thing to remember is that if any come with a traffic file the file must be converted into FSX standard using an AI flight planning tool.


The only two issue that I have found is that sometimes the aircraft lights appear as black squares when at an extreme distance and that the exhaust on some modes can appear as a 'afterburner' effect. Both problems are, in my experience, very rare and are model specific so it will only happen with that particular model. In the case of the 'afterburner' effect problem it always seems to affect prop aircraft only and appears to be an issue relating to how the model has been configured to use an generic effect.




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Hi Brian, glad to hear that. I have not experienced the "black square" or the afterburner effect yet, and am very much aware of the issue with FS9 traffic files in FSX.


BTW, in the aircraft museum in Wernigerode they have (supposedly) the only HAL Marut on display outside India.... I believe it's a Mk. 1T, as it only has 2 30 mm. cannon.


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