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CH Flight Sim Yoke mounting problem


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i just bought a ch yoke on ebay for a pretty cheap price and i figured out one of the mounting screws doesn't rotate in is there any way i could mount the yoke without the screws and if i return it i am paying postage of 30 dollars total please help
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I'm not certain that I understand the problem but I bought a used yoke several years ago that had a problem with one of the mounting screws. After Googling and finding a video about disassembling the yoke and investigating my problem I discovered that a very small diameter Philips screwdriver allowed me to access one of the screws holding the yoke halves together; specifically the screw in the hole adjacent to the frozen screw. I found the frozen nut had rounded out the case depression that was designed to keep the nut from rotating. After freeing everything up I used epoxy to fill in the rounded out area of the case and secure the nut. On the average I mount and remove the yoke a couple of times a day and have had no problems over the last several years.

Jim F.

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If the yoke was bought 1 yr or more ago the warranty is expired so opening it up to get to the screw NUT 'case depression' won't matter. There are 2 tie-down screws (and NUTS). The pic below shows one pair (there are 2). NOTICE: there is one small philips screw under the 'Warranty...' warning sticker. Stab sticker to find.


This should be an easy fix. All mechanical. A little epoxy, wait 24 hrs and you have a useful (and cheap) yoke. Do BOTH of them-might as well-you KNOW the other one will fail too.


You may want to go watch the video showing how to remove the STIFF metal springs and substitute with rubber bands for a better yoke 'feel'. Might as well. Here is pic of NUT.

Chuck B


CH Yoke_Screw.jpg

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And, when all else fails, you could just Velcro the Yoke to your Desktop!


Also, try CB's (napamule's) suggestion with replacing the Springs; I used Surgical tubing instead of rubber bands, and it really makes a difference in how the Yoke feels.


That, and it also gets rid of that 'screen door' sound when pulling back on the Yoke!


Alan :pilot:

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