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Unexplained sudden FPS drop


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I need help. I seem to have an unexplained fps drop which I cannot trace. Normally, I get 7-8fps when I fly Aerosoft's Airbus at PacSim's RPLL but suddenly it dropped to 3-4 fps these past 3 days. The sudden only started when I flew with a PMDG 737NGX from PacSim's RJFF to TechnoBrain's RJTT and after that all my flights are having low fps.


Here are some changes that I have made:

>Successfully merged Aerosim/TDS Merge.

>Installed an improved Seattle sceneries where I adjusted the graphics settings (I tried reverting the graphics changes but the problem still persisted)

>Tested the merge in the Seattle sceneries and experienced fps drop but I think its normal since US default sceneries are graphics heavy.



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