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FS9 SAAB Viggen


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Probably everybody knows that commercial developer Virtavia was Alphasim in the early days. They discontinued many

aircraft and years ago have made them available for free. After plowing through all the planes I found one, the FS9 Saab Viggen to be a fun fighter to fly. It has a decent panel and good sound along with a cool double delta wing setup. It also comes in many different variants.

The Free Alphasim site is sort of a boneyard for many different types of planes, some are not very good and a some are great. It's fun to poke and see what is available and to mix and match panels and sound to create a quality craft.

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I converted their B-52 freeware download (G and H models) to work in FS2002. :pilot: Great planes to fly, almost frustrating to learn how to fly them right :D , and very rewarding after you figure them out.


There have been some great FS aircraft over the years, but Alpha's B-52s have been my "weekly fliers" for several years now. Like the real plane, they just don't get old. :D


There are many "gems" hiding in their freeware section, BTW. The Alpha F-101 Voodoo and the Virtavia F-4 Phantom are worth checking out. Their F-111 / FB-111 was later "massaged" for FSX (available here and still works great in FS2004 and 2002) and is defiantly worth the download.

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