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Opensky 747-400 v4 model merge with PMDG Cargo panel (LCD displays and ISFD).


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Hello everyone! Sorry about my English.


Is there any way to use the PMDG 747-400F panel (with LCD displays and ISFD) in a merge with Posky 747-400F?


For PAX is no problem use the analogic gauges and CRT but for the pure cargo version, I'd like to use the cargo version panel.


I've tried to merge it but when I've selected the freighter version, even with alias informing panel 747-400F, the CRT are showed and the ISFD doesn't work (see the screen).


I think that there is some line that control the panels but I don't know what it is...


Just for information...I've installed in the same folder the 747-400BCF GE together with PAX GE version (but with different models), when I've loaded the BCF version, the LCD displays appears but with analogic MCP and no ISFD (see the screen).










747-400 BCF







Note: my PMDG is original (licensed).



Thanks in advance for any help.





Cláudio - Brazil

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