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Xplane for windows10


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As an old fan of MS FltSims going way back, am considering switching to Xplane..... mainly 'cos my new Windows 10 computer cannot handle FSX10.

My question is..... will Xplane run well on Win10?

I see Vers. 11 is due out soon...... don't want to waste money if Win10 can't handle it confidently


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There were some minor issues when Windows 10 had just been released to the public (mainly having to do with some of the Nvidia drivers), but those have all been resolved by now.


Of course, whether XP10 will run well or not is hard to tell without knowing your hardware specs. And as far as XP11 is concerned, your guess is as good as mine.

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If you're an old fan of FSX, don't switch. You have a new Win 10 machine. If your computer specs are up to it, you should have no problems with FSX. Are you online on that machine? Maybe you just need to enable updates.

I have a self built system, couple of years old. Ran Win7 first. Upgraded to Win 10 some months ago and FSX runs with no trouble. To get better help with your issue, post your specs (CPU, Graphics card, Ram). If FSX won't run for you I doubt X-Plane will.





AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 48GB RAM, RTX 2070S, 2x1TB Nvme SSD. FSX Gold, XP-11, MSFS.

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