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Newspaper Delivery


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


All of you have heard of newspaper trucks delivering newspapers from printing plants to newsstands or street vendors on avenues or streets. All of you have heard of school age kids riding bikes delivering newspapers to homes in suburbs or small towns. All of you have heard small cars or vans delivering newspapers to homes in suburbs or vans.


But all of you have never heard of a newspaper company buying planes to deliver or airdrop newspapers to small towns or neighboring cities from Sydney!!


Presenting a flight from airfield near newspaper printing plant to YSCB Canberra Airport located in Australia's capital city, Canberra


Super shiny and well polished plane full loaded with batches of newspapers ready for flight!!




Well polished engines are ready to be turned on!!




Starting engines!




Taxiing to runway






Airborne after take off on climb to 10,000 ft




Still climbing




Passing some suburb of Sydney




Passing through clouds




Still climbing





Because of regulations of the forums not allowing more than 10 screenshots per post, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink below to view rest of the flight.



Here is the link: http://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thread/8306/newspaper-delivery


Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight.







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Those bird cages don't line themselves. Not to mention the necessities of the outhouse!

Wonderful Dak shots Andrew. And don't worry about the complaints of His Highness – he is bombed so often,

and in so many ways, he won't even notice the odd bundle of papers.* :rolleyes: — Bob


*We can't help but pick on Jan. He's such an easy target! :o



i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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