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vWN airline

Guest Fly737-300

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Guest Fly737-300

Anybody fly with vWN Airlines? I applied 10 days ago and have not heard anything back from them. Just wondering if they are still active. They have a really nice website and look to be well organized



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I'd agree that it is a nice looking website. You could have probably saved yourself a fair bit of heartache if you'd delved into the website a bit more. A press release type statement from last December comments on the sad state that things have been allowed to degrade to (it can take an enormous amount of work to run a proper modern VA), asked people interested in some of the management positions to apply, and that pilot applications might be accepted sometime in the future, or words to that effect. While there are recent flights appearing to have been flown, with no dates attached, you don't know how recent they are. It could have been today, or five months ago.


If you hear from them, good luck and enjoy the flying. You seem to enjoy flying the 737, seeing from your username. The airline I fly with, Eastern Airlines Virtual, uses 737s as the backbone of our fleet. There are, of course, many other choices in our fleet, and no rank requirements to fly them. If you don't hear from them, drop by and apply.

Robert Smith


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I also recently applied with ZERO response as well as no response from any of the Contact Us info. Oh well. They had a nice presentation.


Noel Anderson

Sheffield, MA


The site does show that you are a pilot there. http://wnvirtual.org/index.php/pilots

Pilot ID: SWA472

Name: Noel Anderson

Status: Active

Hours: 0.00

Rank: Probationary First Officer

VATSIM ID: 132****


Nation: United States

Join Date: 11/21/2016

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