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Throttle animation not working in default cessna


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I'm using FS2004; using the Default Cessna at SEA for my testing. I'm using the X52. It's all connected, but I just use the throttle portion, that I'm using in conjunction with my CH Eclipse Yoke.


The physical throttle moves. The thing is, that movement is not reflected on the panel. I've verified that all the connections are secure.


And in addition to that, I found out today, that my assignments, in FS2004, were fouled up. The Z axis was bound to the Throttle Axis of the CH Eclipse Yoke. So I switched that out, so to speak, and bound the Z axis to the Throttle Axis of the CH Eclipse Yoke.


With those minor edits, I could have sworn, I had solved the problem. Suffice to say the flight sim gods had other plans in store for me, as the problem still persists...


If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it.


No Inflight Meal

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It turned out that my sensitivities were set incorrectly. Now the animation works correctly.


I was wondering about that second point, about the assignments changing as I open 2k4. It's been about a year since I've flown in 2004. I've been busy trying to learn how to fly all over again, with A2A's 172R; so I've been FSX. But all my jets are in 2004. They are Freeware, by Historic Jetliners Group or HJG for short. So, when I've got some 500nm to fly I'd much rather fly a jet, than spend 5 hours in my A2A.


It may be that my x52 just dropped the commands, b/c I had to go through the entire list, (I created an Excel file,) albeit a simple one, to keep track of what command is mapped to what button. I had to re-map them all, well almost all, of them yesterday.


Thanks for replying.

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