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Who remembers Martha's Vineyard?


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Hello all, I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know of my Flight Sim fun. Winter is coming so I have started to think about firing up the PCs in the basement again. I apologize if you have seen this before as I have posted it on a couple of other sites to find a 'home' i.e my level. :)


So many of you have made amazing stuff of which I am envious but I ain't spending that sort of money! I will be changing the set-up to include a decent instrument panel with real switches this Winter. I have what you might call a pseudo-generic simpit and, rather than take up space here, I have put together a few web pages if you would like to see my set-up and the bits I made. I will add the revised instrument panel as I do it. There are some tips on making (budget) controls and a few other gems.



Since PCs sported colour I have been using Microsoft's Flight Sims, that would be FS98 I think, and it appears that I skipped alternate issues in that I missed FS2000 and FS 2004. Early on I decided that what-ever the short-coming of Microsoft it would be best to concentrate on just one Sim and was delighted to see that they did a fantastic job of the weather rendering in FS2004 so I upgraded to FSX as soon as it was available - not realizing that I also had to upgrade from Win98!

Since FS2002 I have run multi-monitors on "WideView" until FSX when I invested in a TripleHead2Go, no problems with time sync. now and the virtual cockpits mean I do not need the instrument monitor. I did add Europe scenery enhancement and the Acceleration pack to FSX Pro which is great fun.


I am listed as Didactech but you can call me Radar and I look forward to hearing from you.

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