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ALMOST there need your expert advise


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I've been trying to resurrect my flightsim for years it's do or die time.


This is what I have:

computer- updated last year to Microsoft 10, GXT 980, I7-6700 4.10Ghz, ASRock Z170,500GB Solid state HD. 2TB Rapter


Hardware- GO-Flight corporate pilot system with stand. PFC Cirrus flight yoke and rudder pedals


Visuals - Triple 24" monitor for visuals, single 22" monitor for instruments.


Software- have FSX Gold edition and Prepared 3D


I have not had a lot of success getting the Go-Flight system to work within FSX or Prepared and I'm not about to invest a lot of time trying .


Currently looking at a turnkey system from Custom sims using steam gauges, may consider a G1000 panel instead.


My goal is to learn instrument/ifr flying procedures with as much realism as I can afford. I would prefer plug and play as I don't want to have to spend a lot of time building or managing a complicated system.


I'm looking at the Cobra system for visuals and would like to match this with a simple turn key avionics panel. If I can use the Go-Flight bonus but so far the compatibility issues have been more than I would like .

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