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Cessna C210M (2003 Version)


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I believe that this aircraft was originally made for FS8 and ported to FS9 around 2003. Just goes to show what a great model it is. This flight is mostly over the Pacific and around the Southern Californa area (Cali-Lay). Grew up and still live there, sometimes, when I'm not in Sydney.


Flight Simulator 9

Caranedo Cessna C210M Centurion II (2003 Version)

Wood Panel by John Van Voorhis

STOL N59304 Repaint by Nicholas Wilkinson

Hybrid Water


Best Regards and I hope you enjoy the flight!



Grabbing Some Sky

001 Grabbing Some Sky.jpg


002 Jalama.jpg

Low Clouds

003 Low Clouds.jpg

Light Gees

004 Light Gees.jpg


005 Moonset.jpg

Heading East

006 Heading East.jpg

Malibu Airspace

007 Malibu Airspace.jpg

KSMO, KLAX, KHHR (Northrop Plant 1)

008 KSMO, KLAX, KHHR.jpg

Santa Monica Bay

009 Santa Monica Bay.jpg

KLAX Shot Final 25L

010 KLAX Shot Final 24L.jpg


So much fun!

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More images from the flight with a focus on close ups! Doing ten at a time...


Flight Simulator 9

Caranedo Cessna C210M Centurion II (2003 Version)

Wood Panel by John Van Voorhis

STOL N59304 Repaint by Nicholas Wilkinson

Hybrid Water


Best Regards and have fun!!!



Lompoc Area

001 Lompoc Area.jpg


002 KLPC and KVBG.jpg

An Angel at 5 O'Clock

003 Angles 5.jpg

Point Conception

004 Point Conception.jpg

Moonset Closeup

005 Moonset Closeup.jpg

Is There Enough Fuel to make it

006 Is There Enough Fuel.jpg

Point Malibu

007 Point Malibu.jpg

KLAX and Marina del Rey

008 KLAX and Marina del Rey.jpg

KTOA and Palos Verdes

009 KTOA and Palos Verdes.jpg

Waiting to Taxi

010 Waiting to Taxi.jpg


So much fun and I hope you're having fun too!


Edit: Grammar!

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Your FS9 looks terrific, Mark. Being an FS9 devotee, I appreciate a good looking platform; you have one! Why try to improve on it when it's so good?


Thanks much and I'm glad that you liked the images!


With regards to innovation and 2D Panels, the idea (for me) is a better understanding of flight and flight systems. Especially from an operational perspective.


For instance, the Cessna Navomatic AF-420A is very unique and Carenado's implementation is quite good. I went hunting around for more documentation and found some drawings which showed a HEADING CONTROL KNOB that selects a magnetic heading or a VOR radial.


With the goal being a better understanding, I wanted to know a bit more about the "OMNI Intercept-TRK-HDG", three position switch. This is what I've learned so far...




From an operational perspective, OMNI is slaved to NAV, HDG is slaved to Heading, or the autopilot is suspended using TRK, leaving you free to move about the sky. The idea being a cool little switch on the VFR panel which has the same functionality without having to open the Autopilot panel.


Weather I create the switch or not doesn't matter, what matters is that I understand the Navomatic autopilot and can create the switch if I find it useful.


With FS9, I have the OPTION to place it in the airplane.







Thanks to Carenado for the wonderful autopilot and the chance to fly something which is no longer used in real world applications.


Hope that make sense!


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Excellent shots and I love that wood panel. Jim


Thanks Jim!!!


Boy, John Van Voorhis sure made a great panel, didn't he. All of the great artists in the community and they deserve the credit. Orbix, Cloud9, ActiveSky and my goodness, Aeroworx too. The list is so long that its impossible to tally them all. Opa helped a bunch too, patiently going through video card settings, 10+ years ago, and they still work!


Anyway, thanks and best regards!


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Nice set of my neighborhood Mark, matter of fact just drove by Torrance Zamperini Field a couple of days ago.:cool:


Thanks Annber! Appreciate it. Love Venice by the way, interesting part of the strand. Very eclectic and a lot of people for the studios I worked for love to go there. Pictures and Television, Film likes that area....


All the Best!



Edit: Really am losing my eyesight!

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