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Using X51 FS9 scenery in FSX


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I bought this scenery add-on from fspilotshop.com:




It's the only Homestead General Aviation Airport (X51) scenery that I can find anywhere, payware or freeware. So I bought it with the full acknowledgement that it's a FS2004 scenery. I tried finding official contact info for this MikeMax company to find out if they have plans to update this scenery addon to FSX and it appeared to me that this company may no longer be in business. So, for me, this is what I got to work with. I'm using FSX-Steam as my main sim program and I was able to (manually) installed it successfully and have the simulator loaded it in properly. I can fly around this new airport add-on.


Currently, there are two major issues and one minor issue I am experiencing with this scenery; 1) a heavy framerate drop, 2) ground/runway texture bleed through, and 3) a semi-functional transparency chain-link fence. Is this typical? Was this expected to happen when one use FS2004 scenery in FSX? This is the first time I tried a FS2004 scenery in FSX so I'm not sure what to expected.


An idea I had to help with the FPS drop, I tried converting the BMP textures into DX5 DDS textures which did helped with the FPS somewhat, making the framerate a much more tolerable level. But it's still not enough; the simulator still take a huge framerate hit whenever I'm at or near MikeMax's X51 airport.


The other two issues (2 and 3), I'm baffled as what to do with them. I'm not as experienced in working with FSX scenery as I am in working with FSX aircraft, so I am hoping to hear suggestions/recommendations from others here on the ways I could improve MikeMax's Homestead General Aviation Airport scenery FS2004 addon to work better in FSX-Steam.


Thanks in advance!




PS, if you know of any other Homestead General Aviation Airport addons, payware or freeware, I will appreciate hearing about it.

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Hi, good news, I have found a way to convert the FS2004/FS9 MikeMax's Homestead/X51 airport scenery into something usable in FSX and P3Dv4. The converted Homestead airport scenery is not perfect and is still missing some features but all the previous issues (slow FPS, bleeding, etc) I had previously experienced before are gone.


I used ModelConverterX program and its batch-converter feature for it: https://www.scenerydesign.org/modelconverterx/


You'll need to merge the two scenery after the conversion: copy the newly converted BLGs on top of the original BLGs as the converter will not copy over all of the files. I welcome any suggestions on how to improve the conversion.


Due to copyright issues, I cannot share my copy online.


Good luck!

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