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RFP 747 in FSX

Speedbird ATC

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I have caught the classics fever. The one classic that has a special place in my heart is the 747 100/200/300. Unfortunately, there is not a single good one for FSX/P3D, or X Plane! I downloaded the Rikoooo El Al fleet which included a conversion of the wonderful FS9 plane, the RFP 747. However, I found it to be riddled with bugs! The ignition start switches do not move into GRD start position, and autostart keeps me from running the fuel control switches. Through magic I learned from a friend of mine that attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, (And FSUIPC. Probably mostly FSUIPC.) I managed to find a way to bind keys to autostart individual engines, and increase mixture in individual engines. This trick worked beautifully with engines 2 and 4 and required me to only wait until the N2 rises, then hold down CTRL-SHIFT-F4 until the autostart turned off. However, 1 and 3 were not so simple, and kept shutting down as they reached 30% n2. So it was back to the magic plan. (I genuinely cannot tell you how I managed to get 1 and 3 running. It involved turning slew mode on and off) In addition, the APU guzzles fuel at a rate of 100 lbs per second, and the engines don't burn a single pound of fuel at all. I am at a loss. Googling has not helped me at all. Has anyone succeeded or tried to get this wonderful plane running?
Intel i7 fourth gen (3.5ghz) 16GB RAM EVGA GTX660 Windows 10 64bit Pro edition
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The CLS 747 is quite decent... I fly it occasionally.


Come on, don't make me laugh, the CLS 747 doesn't compare in any way to the RFP 747 :D


I bought the CLS 747-200 and kicked it in the trashbin within less than an hour!

Superficial arcade compared to the extremely realistic RFR 747-200, it surely broke all records of "buy and dump" stuff :(


According to what to fly I use P3D, FSX Steam or X-plane ... and FS2004 to fly the B747-200. The 747-200 of RFP is by far superior to anything else on the market and FOR FREE. :cool: So, in the mean time any worthy replacement shows up, I recommend to install FS2004 and the RFP 747 once more...


If you want to fly old iron that is modelled to a similar level as the RFP 747-200, I recommend the Flyjsim B727 v.2 on X-plane.


There are rumors that Flyjsim is developping similar a 747-200... :pilot:

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