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New FSX/FSX:SE/P3D Cross-Platform Multiplayer Client and Flight Recorder

Guest Robert455

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Guest Robert455



From Peter's Website


JoinFS is a free cross-platform multiplayer client for flight simulators. It is designed to allow smooth jitter-free movement of other aircraft on the network.




  • Brings together pilots from different simulators: FSX (Boxed), FSX:Steam, Prepar3D. (Possibly X-Plane in future).
  • Hostless network. Pilots may join a network by connecting to any other pilot in the session.
  • When the original creator of the network leaves, the session continues as normal.
  • Animations are transmitted over the network; landing gear, elevator, ailerons, rudder, propeller, canopy, lights and smoke.
  • Record and save multiple aircraft to a file and play back recordings live to other pilots in a network.
  • Model matching allows you to change the aircraft and paint schemes of other aircraft in the network.
  • Pilots can be present on virtual ATC networks at the same time as JoinFS. This means that all aircraft in the JoinFS network will be shown using smooth low-latency movement.


Small And Efficient Client


  • JoinFS Interface
  • Minimal, clean interface.
  • Typically uses less than 1% of CPU time.
  • Uses less than 20Mb system memory.
  • Record, Play and Overdub


JoinFS includes its own flight recorder. This enables you to record your aircraft along with other pilots in the JoinFS network. When you play back a recording the aircraft are also broadcast over the network so that all pilots can see your recording. This allows you to pre-record a lead aircraft which everyone in the session can then formate on. The overdub feature enables you to overlay new flights onto the recording which means you can iteratively build your own unlimited formation.


System Requirements


  • .NET Framework 3.5.
  • SimConnect 10.0.61259.0. This already comes with FSX (Boxed). FSX:Steam users may need to install the legacy version from (FSX)\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK\SimConnect.msi
  • If you wish to create a network, or allow other pilots to join, you may need to enable uPnP or Port Forwarding for 6112 on your router.
  • Aircraft may appear to stutter at very high frame rates. It is recommended that you limit your frame rate to around 35 for smooth movement. The cause of this is beyond JoinFS' control.


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Guest Robert455

Just a couple of quick notes with the current version from Peter's support forum...


You fly in Free Flight mode in FSX/P3D - not multiplayer. JoinFS handles the multiplayer part. This means all menus are available to all pilots.


Weather isn't synchronized yet. TacPac support is also planned/coming. Not sure when.


You can just run a client on a dedicated server but anyone who knows the IP can connect. Password support is coming in the next release to allow private servers.


For some reason at least the stock Bell helo doesn't show up if others fly it. Peter has a fix and it will be in the next release.

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Guest Robert455

But wait, there's more! :D


I just tried AITrackerX (http://lorby-si.weebly.com/) with JoinFS and they play together! AITrackerX sees aircraft that JoinFS is replaying and you can move from plane to plane to see from their vantage points using the AITrackerX view system.


I have a message in to Oliver to see if he can add some more flexibility in the viewing, but it works as is now!

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Guest Robert455

To expand on the AITX/JoinFS thing, it's an amazing pairing! I have been corresponding with Oliver Binder and he gave me some pointers - AITX works great for more or less putting you in the cockpit of any AI airplane including the JoinFS ones. It's not exactly like that though - what you have to do is in the plane you want to see things from (doesn't have to be the same plane you are going to attach to) and then you attach to the plane you want to "ghost" using "pilot view". What this does is figuratively put you on a stick out in front of the plane you are attached to. Oliver has added the ability to adjust that position both positive (that was already there) and negative (the addition) to allow you to move back more in register with the plane you are attached to so you see things more from that pilot's perspective.


But what is important for VR users is that you have full head motion and can look around all you want while "riding along". It works great! I'm still using the 0.4.2 version of JoinFS which has the top of loop somersault bug but I was replaying the flight I did in the Pitts to look around during that flight. It works and works really well aside from getting thrown around in what looks like a Lomcovák.


Anyway, just wanted to let people know about this combination as these two programs really complement each other. You can add formation planes to JoinFS replays as well as use the AITX view system to see things from each plane's perspective during replays if you want. Great way to put people into various scenarios that don't have the skill or ability. Being able to set up all sorts of scenarios and build them out to make them interesting for people to see is just extra special.

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