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JB 777 Panel autopilot


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I recently installed a Posky 777 which came with a JB 777 panel. All seems to be fine apart from one problem with the autopilot as follows:-


The HDG/TRK Hold does not work. I can change altitude, I can change speed using the auto-throttle, but no matter if I have HDG or TRK selected and the Hold button on or off, although the MFD shows my heading change, the plane does not respond. The only thing that works to change the heading is the LNAV, which follows the flightplan, so not very useful when taking off or landing.


I can't seem to find an answer anywhere, so does anyone have any ideas?



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What .zip file downloaded, and from where.


For a workaround. Go to options-settings-controls-keyboard.

Find the keyboard shortcut for nav hold. Use that.


That should work. Then see if the shortcut switches on any button. Check 2D panel also.

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I don't know what's the case with your 777, but in the CaptainSim and PMDG (and real-world) 777, the Hold button below the heading knob will very simply hold your heading regardless of the Heading entered in the MCP. So as to turn to the heading that you've entered, you should instead push the black SEL button inside of the knob.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I cannot remember where I got the file, but it is called b773aancfsx (American Airlines new colours).


I tried the central select button in VC but there was no response. In 2D however it works, so thanks for the advice.


To be honest I love VC panels because of the realism, but they are very difficult to change the autopilot with the plane moving and bouncing around. I can't wait to get a plug-in autopilot box!!

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