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Add-Ons For FSX


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Hello Everyone.

i've got a new PC

so i decided to improve my FSX to more realistic and for better quiality of gaming.

so i need your help with some Add-Ons. iv'e seen in YouTube best videos some common Add-Ons that they used.

I need someone to explain me how's the Add-Ons effects on the simulator, each one of them. what's the difference between them....

also i need you to tell me if some of the add-ons cannot be used in the same time, together, on the simulator.



REX Essentials + OD

Sweet FX

Ground Service X



World OF AI

FTX Global Base

FTX Vector


Ultimate Terrain X


Thank You All guys!

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FSWC . Don't know

EZDOK: Camera addon, manages camera positions and induces dynamic headshake

Rex essentials and OD: Texture replacement for Sky, Clouds and Water

SweetFX: manipulates how the sim looks (contrast, color, saturation)

GroundServicesX: Parking marshall, Pushback trucks, FollowMe, stairs and baggage loaders

ENBSeries: I think that it does roughly the same as SweetFX

World of AI: Ai aircraft in real-world liveries to populate your airports and the sky


These two combinations don't make much sense when used togehter:

So you should either get

FTX Global Base: Ground texture and autogen replacement

FTX Vector: Roads, Coastlines, train tracks etc. to be used with Global Base

FTX OLC: Landclass information (where should forests, cities, meadows etc. be)



GEX: Ground texture replacement

Ultimate Terrain X: Landclass data and roads etc. (basically what FTX Vecor and OLC combined do).

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