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Epic 25Mins of Planespotting in 4K Ultra HD from London Stansted Airbus Boeing Embrae

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This Plane Spotting Video is 25mins long and in 4K Ultra HD. It's my longest Aviation Video upload featuring aeroplanes landing and taking off from London Stansted Airport. The video features many aircraft types and liveries from airlines at STN Airport.


I hope you enjoy watching, thank you very much for supporting my aviation videos channel.



G-CLAA CargoLogicAir Boeing 747-400

G-LCYD British Airways Cityflyer Embraer E175

N545JN Western Global McDonnell Douglas MD-11

LY-MCA Danu Oro Transportas for Flybe ATR72-200

N673BF Polaris Aviation Boeing 767-200

A6-CAS Consellation Aviation Airbus A318 CJ

A7-BFB Qatar Cargo Boeing 777

LZ-AWA BH Air Airbus A330

4O-AOO Montenegro Airlines Embraer E190

G-LCYW British Airways Cityflyer Embraer E190

B-2081 China Southern Boeing 777

G-NIKO Thomas Cook Airbus A321

CS-TFZ HiFly for Thomas Cook Airbus A330

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